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Organize and access all your applications within a single, process-oriented user interface. It's fast. It's easy. And it's customized to follow your established business processes.

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CICERO is an innovative application integration platform for large contact centers that need to quickly deliver best in class customer service by integrating desktop application functionality while lowering costs. Unlike internally developed solutions, CICERO is ready today and is a proven solution in daily, mission-critical use.

CICERO provides an extremely scalable yet cost-effective software solution to contact center integration. CICERO enables applications to seamlessly share information without the need for complicated middleware or modifications to the original applications. A proven solution in daily, mission-critical use on over 30,000 Windows PCs

By wrapping existing contact center applications and components into a single user interface, CICERO empowers contact center agents with customer knowledge to up-sell and cross-sell products and services to win greater wallet share.


Key CICERO Features

Task-oriented User Interface CICERO features an intuitive, task-oriented user interface that significantly lowers contact center agent training costs and speeds agent ramp up time. With its simplified workstation environment, CICERO improves consistency in task execution and increases agent productivity.

Information Sharing CICERO provides seamless information sharing between dissimilar applications without making changes to the original applications. CICERO integrates the execution of most Windows-based applications, whether packaged or custom. Because CICERO is technology-agnostic, CICERO can integrate generations of technology ranging from green screen mainframes to web-based applications. CICERO increases agent efficiency by pre-populating information from multiple application sources to improve customer response.

Quick and Scalable application Integration CICERO provides application integration that is deployable today. Integration with CICERO is noninvasive and does not require changes the original applications. Because CICERO is designed to work with existing technology, implementation costs and time are significantly reduced. And with comprehensive tools for the development of CICERO systems, IT managers can integrate next-generation contact center technologies rapidly and reliably.

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