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eSalesTracker is a Sales Automation System for big enterprises to small companies, which can be easily customizable on need basis. eSalesTracker houses all the critical business information an organization needs to know its customers and develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies. eSalesTracker provides the entire team with a complete view of every customer and prospect and lets team members manage accounts and communicate efficiently. eSalesTracker ultimately empowers an organization to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers and prospects. The system can be run in a Web environment and currently we are developing it for offline windows environment. That means that whether employees are in the office or on the road, they're always in touch with the most up-to-date data and the most effective communication tools.


Easy to Use

Our system allows users to navigate the system in an intuitive fashion so that means more time with your prospects and customers and less time messing with administrative chores.


Because your company is one of a kind, you might see specific ways to make your Sales Automation solution even easier for your team to use. And that’s not a problem with Logicsoft. We can customize your Sales Automation solution, which will suit your organizational objectives and goals.


We know all about budgets. That’s why ’s Sales Automation Solution is based on one straightforward, per-user price. We want our customers to know up-front the value we deliver.

Quick to Implement

eSalesTracker can be implemented quickly so you won’t have to wait an eternity to witness the benefits of your Sales Automation solution. Our software can even be used right once we setup your account.

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